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Teacher Support Materials

Hi everybody, Recent research indicates that teachers value exemplary lesson plans additionally to modelling software materials such as SCYDynamics. For teachers interested in the use of SCYDynamics in the classroom context, take a look at this (Dutch) lesson plan, which … Continue reading

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SCYDynamics: new version with new features

The System Dynamics modelling tool SCYDynamics has been updated with some new features! Injecting values: In the graph and table view, values for stock nodes and constant nodes can be set. These will then be used for the next simulation … Continue reading

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Introducing: ScyDynamics

In our first post, I would like introduce and promote a modelling software called “ScyDynamics”. It builds on the principles and language of “System Dynamics” and is currently used in an EU-funded project called “SCY” (“Science Created by You)”. A … Continue reading

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Model Drawing

At the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Twente, we are developing software that allows students in primary and secundary education  to create computer models to understand the world. Today’s living, working and learning is increasingly characterised by complex … Continue reading

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