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SimSketch: new version, new features

A new version of SimSketch has been uploaded and can be started via webstart here. It includes new features for mating (reproduce with same type), “killing” (removing objects of certain types) and randomwalk (in two dimensions, see These features … Continue reading

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Technology enhanced collaborative drawing

Learning by observing graphical representations increases students’ understanding of the material. When learners draw their own representations of scientific phenomena (like photosynthesis) themselves they are stimulated even more to identify and link key concepts and processes. Drawing also has the potential … Continue reading

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SimSketch webstart online!

A few minutes ago, I put a first “webstartable” version of SimSketch online, which means playing around with it is just one click away! To get a first impression, start the tool by clicking here, choose one of the examples … Continue reading

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Model drawing in promotional video

In this video made for promotion of the psychology track at the University of Twente, I tell about the model drawing work we are doing. In the video I demo the planetarium and you see kids working on a water … Continue reading

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Flocking birds in SimSketch

The video shows another example of a model created in SimSketch, the same software that has been used in the previous post about the planetarium. The new example show flocking birds; the model is simply created by drawing some birds … Continue reading

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Draw your own planetarium

This is an early example of our drawing-modeling software. The idea is that kids can draw a planetarium the way they see it and specify how the planets and moons will move over time. They only have to use terms … Continue reading

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Model Drawing

At the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Twente, we are developing software that allows students in primary and secundary education  to create computer models to understand the world. Today’s living, working and learning is increasingly characterised by complex … Continue reading

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