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GearSketch in CoffeeScript

There is a new version of GearSketch, written in CoffeeScript. This means GearSketch now runs not just on your pc, but also on your tablet or smartphone. Check it out at This version of GearSketch is open source, released … Continue reading

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Drawing-based learning in British journal of Educational Technology

Frank Leenaars, the creator of Gearsketch, did his Master of Science work also within the drawing domain. Actually the software he developed for his thesis is a predecessor of SimSketch. He studied whether making a drawing would be a suitable … Continue reading

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EARLI SIG 20 Keynote

Yesterday I gave a keynote at the EARLI SIG 20 conference. I presented the ideas that lead to the development of SimSketch as well as some initial empirical results. You can see the slides I used for this presentation below. … Continue reading

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small SimSketch update

Hi everybody, I just uploaded a new version of SimSketch – the automatic grouping feature is back again! We are using now a completely new algorithm/library, which works fine with Java 7. It is nearly as accurate as the previous … Continue reading

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Het onderzoek in 8 tweets

For English readers, translation can be found here. Kortgeleden heb ik via twitter (@woutervj) een bondige beschrijving van het onderzoek naar modeltekenen gepubliceerd. Mijn doel was in zo weinig mogelijk tweets de essentie van het onderzoek uit de doeken te … Continue reading

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Collaborative Drawing

Last week the first results of the collaborative drawing study were presented and discussed at the MUPEMURE (MUltiple PErspectives on MUltiple REpresentations) workshop at the Alpine Rendez-Vous 2011. Learning by Drawing Below you will find a short overview of the … Continue reading

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Model Drawing

At the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Twente, we are developing software that allows students in primary and secundary education  to create computer models to understand the world. Today’s living, working and learning is increasingly characterised by complex … Continue reading

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