Model Drawing

At the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Twente, we are developing software that allows students in primary and secundary education  to create computer models to understand the world.

Today’s living, working and learning is increasingly characterised by complex systems in various domains, such as physics, sociology, ecology, economics etc. Models are used in many fields such as in physics to understand atomic processes, biology to understand the dynamics of populations and in economy, to predict the developments in markets. For instance, when you are watching the weather forecast, everything that is told comes from running a computational model of the weather system, which is fed with current weather data and computes how the weather will develop.

Bringing modelling within the reach of young learners is the aim of our group. In order to make this possible we develop software in which models are specified as drawings, rather than as computer code or mathematical formulas. Our challenge lies in interpreting students’ drawings and create models out of them that can be simulated. On this blog we will keep you posted of our progress and share our software with you.

Have fun!

Wouter van Joolingen, Lars Bollen, Frank Leenaars.

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