Gear sketching and simulation

The following video shows some features of our gear sketching and simulation software. This software is aimed at primary school children and we are trying to make it as intuitive as possible to work with.

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9 Responses to Gear sketching and simulation

  1. sinthia says:

    When will this gear simulation be available? Thank You

    • Hi Sinthia. We are currently testing this software in primary schools and improving it based on results of those studies. I think we will make the improved version available in August of this year.

  2. Eric Yablon says:

    Dear Frank,

    This program/application is incredible!!! Thank you for the time, diligence, and discipline to create and complete this tool. This will be perfect for my little one (who is a physics/science fanatic and 8 years old) to learn more about the interaction of varying size gears and belts. Is August still looking like the available date? How much will it be and will I got to this site to purchase it?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Eric,

      Thank you for your kind words! We still plan to publicly release the program in August. We will announce on this website when it’s available and it will be free to download.

      All the best,

  3. Amanda Jansen says:

    Dit programma is volgens mij niet alleen geschikt voor basisscholen, maar voor iedereen die creatief wil leren nadenken over complexe problemen en met eenvoud wil wisselen van gezichtspunt. Het enige wat het vereist is enige verbeelding en tekenvaardigheid, maar met simsketch wordt in 1 oogopslag duidelijk wat jij en of je gesprekspartners bedoelen en wat de verschillen van inzicht zijn.

  4. saeed says:

    nice software please send me a copy of software

    • Lars says:

      The software is available via Java webstart in the tab “Our software” – once you have downloaded them once, they are also available offline.

  5. Ee Von Lau says:

    Hi, I cannot find this software in the “Our software” tab.
    Is it possible to send it to me?
    Its is a great software!

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