Our research in 8 tweets

This is a translation into English of the previous post.

Recently I used twitter (@woutervj) to publish a short description of our research into model drawing. My goal was to capture the essence of our work into as little tweets as possible. The result is represented in the following eight tweets.

  1. If you are studying a complex problem, such as the structure of the solar system, it often helps to create a drawing.
  2. The drawing would help even better if it shows how the planets move relative to each other.
  3. You can see the consequences of your ideas in a system. This way you are making a model. Models are an important instrument in science.
  4. The weather, the economy, elementary particles, ecology. Scientists create models of all these topics to improve their understanding.
  5. We create software that automatically recognizes elements in your drawing, can bring it to life and thus converts it into a model.
  6. The user has to indicate how the drawn elements behave: move, replicate, etc. We investigate how that can be done in a simple way.
  7. We hope to acquaint children and adults with the role of models in science and everyday life.
  8. Children love it. We continuously try to improve the software by trying it out with children and investigate what and how they learn with it.

About Wouter

Professor of Dynamical Modeling in Education. In my work I try to create technology that is creative and fun to work with.
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