SimSketch is our newly developed software that combines drawing, modelling and simulation features. The user can draw objects, assign behaviours and watch the system being simulated. Up to now, SimSketch supports behaviours like rotate, circle, go, avoid, search, swarm, mate, kill etc., which can be combined to create systems that simulate planetary systems, gears, bacteria, random walk, Breitenberg creatures and many more!

You can learn how SimSketch works by following the tutorial (in the menu “Examples – Tutorial”).

Have fun!

SimSketch can be started via Java webstart here.

If you experience problems starting SimSketch via webstart (e.g. because of security restrictions), you can download it (and start via doubleclick) here.

SimSketch screenshot bacteria

SimSketch screenshot / bacteria example

5 Responses to SimSketch

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  3. jay weininger says:

    we used your program in class last semester, as an example of agent modeling.

    It won’t start now, even stating in Java security its presents.

    help! Help! Help!

  4. jay weininger says:

    help; should I delete and down load again.

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