SCYDynamics: new version with new features

The System Dynamics modelling tool SCYDynamics has been updated with some new features!

  • Injecting values: In the graph and table view, values for stock nodes and constant nodes can be set. These will then be used for the next simulation run, without changing the original model. This is particular useful to investigate the behaviour of a model under different parameters.
  • Multiple plots: When ticking the checkbox in the graph view, the plots will not be deleted with every simulation run, but new plots will be drawn over old ones (which gradually fade out). In combination with the previous feature, it helps to compare different variable settings.
  • Save as dataset: Simulation results can be saved as a dataset. This requires a simulation in the table view, as these values will be used for storing the dataset. A dataset is a table-like XML representation of numeric values; very soon you will be able to store these values as CSV files to be able to import and process in other tools like MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

scydynamics screenshot

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