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SimQuest is our oldest simulation-based learning software. It features an authoring system for instructional computer simulations. With SimQuest you can create a simulation by writing equations such as:

dx/dt = v
dv/dt = a
a = F/m
F = -k*x

and create an interface around this simulation. Instruction comes in the form of assignments and explanations. On you can see what is possible and download the system.

One major drawback of SimQuest is its age. The first ideas formed before even the WWW existed, and at the time of the first public release, in 1998, no one had heard of dynamic web pages or javascript. This means SimQuest is developed in a closed world, and even though we maintained the system and made it connectible to the external world, the original way it was created now works against it. You can even call it a miracle that it lasted as log as it did.

At the level of ideas however, SimQuest is still fit and it has also grown with its time. Simulations are now stored as XML and we have a java-based player for simulations.

We now think it is time for a next step. SimQuest should really go to the web and run in every modern browser. This means that parts need to be rewritten in javascript, using CSS and SVG. We just started this, (have a look here to see the  above model running in a browser) but there are lots of work to do.

We make this project open source from the start. If you are interested, which may be because you think simulations in education are cool or you are seeking an interesting programming challenge, you may even contribute. Have a look at the code pages and contact us of you want to go along.


About Wouter

Professor of Dynamical Modeling in Education. In my work I try to create technology that is creative and fun to work with.
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