SimSketch and the Higgs boson

Hi everybody,

I just uploaded a new version of our modelling & drawing tool SimSketch. In the new version, I added one conceptually new feature: The distribution of elements before simulating. Using the “distribute” icon, you can create copies of an element before starting the simulation; which is particularly useful when you want to population your simulation world without using the “split” behavior (which would never stop creating copies…).
I used this feature to to create a sketched model of the famous Higgs field interpretation with Margaret Thatcher visiting a cocktail party. Go to the menu, chose “Examples – Higgs interpretation example”. When running, you should activate the “wrapping” feature to have particles that left the screen reappear on the other side again.

Have fun!

As usual, you can start the tool via JavaWebstart here (or click on the screenshot below)!

SimSketch Higgs example

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