Try GearSketch for yourself!

Hey everyone,

You can now try GearSketch for yourself: click here to start.

The software is aimed at fifth grade students and works best with a tablet or touchscreen and a resolution of at least 1280×800. Just click ‘Instruction 1′ and go from there!

Here’s a video of an older version of the software to give you an idea of what it does:

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5 Responses to Try GearSketch for yourself!

  1. Otto says:

    Prachtig, beautiful!!

    My students will love this simulation and my colleagues too! creating gear trains and the rules for them are so much easier to understand when they can touch/create and see what happens.

  2. Wouter says:

    Thank you! Let us know how your students liked i1!

  3. Nato says:


    Is this software available in Ireland by any chance?


    • Sure, the software is available anywhere there’s a connection to the internet. If you save the link named ‘click here to start’ to your computer and run the program once, it will later also be available without an active internet connection.

  4. Nancy Otero says:

    I love it! It’s amazing, thanks for developing it :)

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